Ponies Are a Princess' Weakness

When I saw the vid and he was a little different, no chest showing, I instantly though” Would aimo approve?” xD

I tell (lie to) myself that he’ll only show that glorious chest carpet to special people such as the Inquisitor ie. me dohoho


Or perhaps Isabela ruined it for everyone by constantly harassing him to let her pet it. Even dat dorf has his limits? Q3Q


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    Objectification hurts everyone! XD
  2. gunkiss said: haha!
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    A simpler explanation is given that he’s been doing some more dangerous things of late the armor is likely safer. He...
  4. mygoodrabbit said: He looks kind of dashing now though with that little red kerchief, like a revolutionary. DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE SING, SINGING A SONG OF ANGRY MEN~
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