Ponies Are a Princess' Weakness

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    No corset, not a lot(?) of boob support, a distinct shortness of blouse and excess of pants and lack of melanin… That...
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    Given how different her outfit looks, I assume the cover artist was given either too little reference material or “too...
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    She’s turning into a pale whitey… I mean one of those not dark darkspawn. I don’t know, maybe the oceans in thedas are...
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    EVERYONE. Take a minute. Take a breath. Isabela is pretty. She might look passive because of plot reasons… or artistic...
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    I think she may have just been hitting the shimmerweed a bit, OYD.
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    Don’t remind me about last time - that whole incident leaves a bad taste in my mouth… The fact they’ve done it again...
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    *raeges* That has to be a joke. Varric and Alistair in the full graphic have darker skin than she does here. Plus, her...
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    You must be joking. She is as pale as Alistair and Varric here, all with the same light source. I can’t even- you have...
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    Jeez, if this is an official comic book cover, it’s yet another example of racism in the publishing industry. People of...
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    A Dragon Age comic not being written by a homophobic sack of shit?
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    Are we going into racebending again? :| Also her tits are acting in a strange way tbh
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    The fact that she’s white bothers me more than the shitty anatomy and composition. Her face isn’t even the same. But on...
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    Her arm… I can’t handle how crap it looks xD WHY HAS ISABELA GOT STICK-ARMS??? And her FIGURE. WTF is that top half...
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    Needs darker skin and bigger boobs
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    Ya’ll are screaming over the cover to the comic…and not that I approve of white-bella, I don’t, but…like… It’s the comic...
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