Ponies Are a Princess' Weakness

marian-vael reblogged your post *COUGH COUGH WHEEEEEEZE* I…I just saw … and added:

All I see is a 165 page thread about Blackwall. =

Near the end of the page, under spoiler tags.

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So you gonna reblog or keep us in suspense

Updated the post with link~

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I…I just saw a swimsuit edition Duncan.


EDIT: Beware the bulge, y’all.

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Ooh Granny, what big horns you have

Ooh Granny, what big horns you have

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OK, lunch and then back to work. Crunch weekend as I’ll have to finish some things over it before I fly off to Langkawi Island on Monday.

I can’t even pause to feel envy about the people at PAX ;A;

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Mind if I send you my Origin ID? :3c I would love playing the MP with you.

Sure thing, PM away!

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fuckyeahvarric replied to your post: Oh, even though I’m not that big on MP…

Awww. I probably won’t have a new PC to play Inquisition on until potentially the first of next year, so I’ll be on PS3 for a good while. I’d have been so down for teamin’ up.

Awww. For the best, I suppose, because I am. the. absolute. WORST at console MP (It’s the controller ;A;). You’d end up kicking me out instead haha!

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whoawhoaWHOA, I have the opportunity to play with the glorious momo of channn? Sign me up! ;P

Ohhh, you won’t be thinking that at all when I accidentally set off a trap or die for the 20th time in the same map

Just PM me your Origin ID :)

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I used to cosplay off and on! Last year I was a bread-wielding Sasha from Attack on Titan. The few times we met though, it was mainly to briefly dork about KOTOR/DA at your booth (I got a commission from you once for an SD Atton Rand). uwu

Aaaaaah, of course, I remember you know! How can I not, when to hear any talk of KOTOR and DA in that convention is like super rare in the sea of anime & manga :D

And d’aww, that Atton Rand chibi, I definitely recall drawing it. What I don’t recall is if I managed to snap a shot of it XD;;

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